Chakisse Newton 

Richland County Council District 11 

Hardworking. Trustworthy. Accountable 

During her First Term in Service, Councilwoman Chakisse Newton Kept Her Promises: 

Fixing the Penny Tax: Took the program from a deficit to a budget surplus so there is money to fix District 11 roads 

Enhancing Public Safety: Approved new public safety center to help fight crime and reduce emergency response times

Restoring Trust and Transparency: Stopped wasteful spending and kept community informed about county activities 

Providing Strong Leadership: Managed the County through COVID-19 and promoted health, safety, and continued county services 

Working for us to: 

Enhance Public Safety 

Improve Infrastructure and Service Delivery 

Attract Economic Opportunity 

Promote Responsible Growth 

Protect our Community Character 

Continue to Restore Trust and Accountability