Chakisse Newton, Richland County

On Tuesday, Richland County Council candidate Chakisse Newton invited incumbent Norman Jackson to a one-on-one debate to “make county government more open and transparent” and “provide the space, time, and District 11 focus” to answer voter questions.

Mr. Jackson refused.

A one-on-one debate focused only on District 11 is the only way to provide the time to fully answer community questions. Without that, the ONLY chance to see the candidates side-by-side will be at the Lower Richland NAACP Political Forum Monday, June 4th. Each council candidate will have less than 15 minutes to speak (including Q&A) because the forum is shared with the solicitor’s race.

District 11 deserves more than 15 minutes to determine who will make vital decisions about our roads, schools, and police. District 11 voters should demand the time to get their questions answered.

READ the full letter here: Chakisse Newton Invites Norman Jackson to One-on-One Debate.

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