If you see areas in our community that would benefit from a $1 million dollar investment, this should infuriate you. It’s money that could have been spent on schools, roads, or public safety. Our tax dollars are paying for this settlement and it could have been avoided if the firing had been handled appropriately. Vote for change on June 12th!

Read the full article on The State website at http://www.thestate.com/news/local/article211152804.html.

If you missed the motion that started this process, you can watch the recording to see how Seals was fired the first time. Go to https://tinyurl.com/ycdfj6ke and cue the video to minute 7:30.  If you don’t have 20 minutes right now, The State published an an edited version of the proceedings at  http://www.thestate.com/news/local/article207910854.html.

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